2007 – What’s Hot, What’s Not on the Homefront

If you are building a home, remodeling a home, or just plain trying to sell an existing home, you will find some tips below on what to look for in 2007. “ What’s hot and what’s not” will add resale dollars and enjoyment to your new home, increase your investment payback in a remodel, and maybe even help you sell your home quicker.

What’s Hot:
• Clean, organized garages. People love organization (or they think they do). Offer them multiple cabinets, attic space, cubbies, shelves and a custom painted floor.

• Multiple places in the home for computer space. Gone are the days of the one computer family. Many times mother and father work from home and / or children have their own computers for homework or leisure time.

• Brick pavers on the pool deck. Kool deck finishes only look good when they are brand new. Over time they crack and discolor. Nothing wows a potential buyer like brick pavers and they last forever. Spend the extra money when you have the pool installed.

• Granite countertops or other stone materials. Laminate anything is out, especially on the countertop. Unless it is a back bathroom for the kids, spring for an upgraded countertop.

• Plantation shutters or custom drapery treatments. Ditch the ½” metal window blinds or the curtains you tried to make yourself. Go for sleek window treatments in a neutral shade so if you or someone else changes the room’s colors, they will be timeless.

What’s Not:
• Wallpaper or wall border. Wallpaper is trying its hardest to make a comeback. But, chances are no matter what you pick and fall in love with, the next person buying your home is going to rip it out before they even unpack.

• Dark and obvious accent walls. If you are not a professional designer, stick with one paint color or slight differences in intensity on the walls in your rooms. Same thing goes for faux painting. An unprofessional faux painting technique can actually make some people cringe.

• Carpeting or “wood look” laminate flooring. Hardly anyone wants a fully carpeted home these days. Stick with large ceramic tiles and hardwood flooring in all the family areas of your home. Resist the urge to use the laminate flooring. You’ll never impress a potential buyer with it.

• Inadequate garage space. Never before have we had so much stuff in our lives and everyone in the family has or will have their own car. Don’t settle for a 1 or 2 car garage if you really need a 3 car. It’s not something you can easily add later.

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  1. It’s interesting how national these tips are (although we don’t have a lot of built-in pools in our area). We do use ceramic tile but probably not as much as warmer states. We normally keep the tile to kitchens and bathrooms, sometimes basements.

    In fact, once in a while we’ll see a property with a lot of ceramic. Because it isn’t the norm in our area, it might turn off a lot of potential buyers. So even though many ideas on how to best show a property are true throughout the country, some ideas are local and if you go too far outside the box for the area you’re selling in, you might have a more difficult time finding a buyer and might lose money by setting up your home in a style that might be popular in a different state/climate.

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