Bahama Shores ~ St. Petersburg Florida Subdivision

Looking for that “Old Florida” feel within a waterfront community? Bahama Shores offers that and more! Every homeowner has waterfront access here – whether their home is on the water or not. The homeowner’s association dedicated the last waterfront lot to the enjoyment of all that live here making it a waterfront park where residents can socialize, fish, kayak and more.

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All around Bahama Shores there is mature landscaping and homes with character. Large lots that are well cared for keep the neighborhood in tip top shape, making it one of the most sought after subdivisions in St. Petersburg.

Currently there are only two homes for sale in Bahama Shores. And, fortunately for the current homeowners, but unfortunately for the future buyers interested in this pristine subdivision, homes just don’t come on the market too often in here.

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All The Fishing You Can Stand is Here in Florida!

With tens of thousands of miles of shoreline and over 7500 lakes, there are countless areas to fish in the Sunshine State of Florida. And even if you’re a beginner, you’ll hardly ever come home empty handed.

Whether you’ll be fishing on the west coast in the Gulf of Mexico or the east coast in the Atlantic Ocean, the opportunities are endless. There are hundreds of varieties of fish from tarpon, to grouper, to snapper, to shark – so you’ll never get bored.

Even if you are just a beginner and don’t have a boat or any fishing equipment, you can still enjoy the pleasures of fishing. The state of Florida offers more private charter boats with skilled and experienced captains than any other state. You can search locally for help regarding fishing opportunities that best fit your needs. In addition to our quality charter fishing system, the Sunshine State is also home to a number of independently owned bait and tackle shops that provide gear and supplies along with important information. Local fishing shops are the best source for reliable information, including where specific types of fish are and what bait is best for catching them. So, come try it for yourself and experience first hand how fun Florida fishing really is!

Think about how great it would be to own waterfront property in Tampa Bay – you may be surprised how affordable this property has become here in our area. Call or email us for an update on waterfront prices in the area.

The Color Turquoise ~ Use It in 2010

Think tropical beaches, rich hues of the ocean and palm trees lining sand. Many vivid colors come to mind. This year Pantone has unveiled their color for 2010 and it’s Turquoise. This rich blue and green color goes perfect in Florida. It’s a perfect mix of the cool blue sky and gorgeous ocean. Florida is known for its tropical colors and this inviting hue is rich, tranquil and inviting. It would look good as a color for both men and women which both find appealing. Sometimes a color is too feminine and men shy away from using it. But not Turquoise. It fits both equally. Many top designers have seen this trend coming. Bridesmaid dresses, elegant attire and even top jewelry company Tiffany all use turquoise as a staple in their lines.

When you think of fashion it’s a great statement. For clothing, shoes, purses or jewelry it makes the item pop. One of the top fashion trends in recent years has been the reoccurrence of turquoise jewelry. Big chunky necklaces paired with a black top, make the turquoise set off the look. And don’t forget about paint. Turn a boring bathroom into a tropical paradise with turquoise paint, paired with some sea shells in a bowl, and you have an oasis in your home. Or take a dull bedroom, paint the walls a neutral tone, and then purchase a turquoise bedspread and watch your room come to life. Painting in a neutral tone and using colored accents makes it easy to change if you bore of a color. Another recent trend is to pair turquoise and brown. This combination brings together those natural colors that remind you of nature. You can use this pair for fashion, decorating or even outdoor paint.

So when looking to make a change to your home, wardrobe or just a new accessory don’t forget about this soothing rich color. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy using turquoise in everyday aspects of your life.

So if tropical turquoise beaches are on your list for 2010, we have ’em! Contact us about the opportunities available here for Florida Real Estate. And more specfically, the wonder beaches in Dunedin have been particularly popular with beach goers due to the blue turquoise waters and the white sugar sand!