To Sell or not to Sell?

I am getting the same question from many of my potential sellers. Is now a good time to sell my home? That is a very good question and a very subjective one as well. First thing I ask is what is your motivation for selling?

Do you have to sell for financial reasons, are you getting a job transfer and have to relocate, or are you just trying to sell and buy a bigger, better home while prices are down and interest rates are incredible? All those questions have a different motivation. Let’s break it down.

First – Do you have to sell because of financial difficulties? This is perhaps the most difficult question for me to answer. In order for me to help you make the right decision you need to provide me with all the facts. I don’t care how embarrassing it is to tell me you are behind on your payments or that you anticipate not being able to make your next mortgage payment. I need to know your situation.

If you are in a financial crisis, you need to be able to communicate that to the right people. First I would advise you to call your mortgage provider and talk through your options with them. Do you have equity in the home or are you “under water”? If you are under water you might need to explore the option of a short sale.

If not and you have some equity in your home don’t think your home is going to save you from the abyss! Price it to sell and get out of it so you can and move on. Ask your Real Estate Agent what price it needs to be at to sell in 30 days. They should be able to give you a price that is fair but will get you out of the home in a timely manner. The less you put into it now the faster you will be able to recover.

Next – I would advise you to consult an attorney and see what options you have legally. If you have equity in your home you would like to save, make sure you know all the consequences if you are considering bankruptcy. If you decide to sell in the end make sure you price to sell and cut the losses both financially and mentally.

The next reason to sell is relocation. There is a whole new set of questions I would ask you in this case. First I would ask if you are getting a relocation package. Is your new employer paying your moving expenses and Real Estate commission fees? Obviously that is the best case scenario. Be aware with many relocation companies they require you to use their “preferred” agent.

This is usually someone they have an agreement with in advance to pay a referral fee and is qualified to fill out their endless paperwork. Next do the research on the new city you are moving to. See what the cost of living is there and how it compares to the area you are leaving. Your area’s prices might be down 10% over the last 2 years but the area you are moving to might be down 25%. That is a great trade.

You may be getting less here but be getting a much better deal on the other end. The key here is also making sure you price to sell in the next 30 days. You are on a time line and maintaining 2 households can become more expensive than taking a bit of a loss on your current home.

Last – The last reason to sell is to “Buy Up”. What a great time to move up!! Prices are great, interest rates are great, and inventory is plentiful! Oh wait, what was that last one? Inventory is plentiful. Does that me it is going to be harder to sell my home and also get gouged on the price?? Yes it does.

But, let’s look at it from a different perspective. If you are in a starter home, that is the segment that has taken the least hit in today’s market place. Mid-range and upper end homes have taken a beating. You may get a little less than you expected but you might get the deal of the century on your new home.

Bottom line is I would advise everyone to do their homework. Don’t put your house on the market if you are trying to get a premium out of it. Those days are gone and you are truly hurting the people that really, really need to sell. It is still a good time to sell your home, just make sure you understand your market.

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Need to Sell in Tampa Bay? Good Lighting is Key!

Listen to the Feedback

In today’s real estate market it is imperative that sellers listen to the feedback about their home provided by their real estate professional. Home sellers may want to try their best to correct the easily correctable issues in this competitive real estate environment. One of the most common complaints heard on showings of homes that can be corrected is, “the property appears dark”. We completely understand that ever home has its own level of natural light, but there is no reason for a potential buyer to feel that a home is dark, as their first impression.

Make the Most of the Light You Have

Window coverings that have been placed in your home for numerous reasons such as insulation, and protecting belongings from fading need to be rethought. All window coverings while you are attempting to sell a home need to be thought of differently. How can they best placed to make the room look its best? Blinds need to be placed in a position that allows light into the room. If there is a view the more open the better. Pulling a blind up to the top is totally acceptable. The buyer will know they are there for privacy but first impressions are about light. Draw any draperies back to the edge of the window, it will make the windows, and room look larger, and allow more light in. Now that your home is on the market it is a great time to make sure that your windows are spotless and allow as much light in as possible.

Brighten it up

If by chance you have an area of your home that is a little dark, there is nothing wrong with purchasing an inexpensive lamp and adding it to a room simply to brighten up the property. Years back I had a floor lamp that gave off a tremendous amount of light it was used in many homes we sold until one buyer really fell in love with it and there it stayed. All lamps need to be working. If a room appears dark the first thing someone will attempt to do is turn on a lamp, if the lamp doesn’t light that is strike two. This is also a great time to make sure that every light fixture in the house is operational, simply brighten it up.

Correct Lighting Sets the Stage

Think of the sale of your home as the stage of a play. Your realtor presents the theme, and you as the stage hand get to make it look its best. Natural light bulbs tend to make furniture and people look more attractive, and in turn will make your home show at its best. New energy efficient lighting is not always the most appealing and you may want to limit its use while trying to sell your home. The worst of these are the ones that take time to warm up. We have shown homes where the buyer had already toured through the entire dark home while we were waiting for the first room of the home to brighten up. When possible make sure your home stage is well set prior to showing it to a buyer. Brightening up the stage will help lead to brighter results with the sale of your home.

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