A statewide emergence

The success of [tag]Emerge Tampa[/tag] in bringing [tag]under-40 professionals[/tag] together leads to the birth of [tag]Emerge Florida[/tag].

Among the many [tag]Tampa Bay[/tag] area business organizations with grand mission statements, 2-year-old Emerge Tampa stands out for having a pretty simple goal: Give young professionals a means to strengthen their ties to the area and broader [tag]business community[/tag]. Now the success of Emerge Tampa and other similar groups in the state has led to the birth of Emerge Florida, a new organization aimed at roughly the same under-40 demographic.

The concept for a statewide networking organization for young professionals stemmed in large part from the encouraging response that Emerge Tampa has generated since its founding in 2004 by the [tag]Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce[/tag]. The group was started to help stanch the exodus of talented young people from the area – a key work force issue for the [tag]Tampa Bay[/tag] area and all of Florida – by providing them with a means to meet and interact with other young, like-minded professionals. The Tampa organization already has more than 400 dues-paying members, a number that rose to nearly 600 at the end of last year before 2006 renewals were due.

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