Bathrooms As Home Offices For Type-A Workaholics

When a bathroom is more than just a bathroom.

Many Type-A [tag]bathroom[/tag]s are showing up in high-end “[tag]smart home[/tag]s,” which feature [tag]computer[/tag] systems that let [tag]homeowner[/tag]s control music, temperature and lights from wall-mounted [tag]touch pad[/tag]s. Now, builders and [tag]interior designer[/tag]s say, more owners also want [tag]toilet-side technology[/tag]. Future Home, a Los Angeles-based entertainment-system installer, says half of its clients request tech gear in the bathroom, up from about 10% five years ago. A year ago, [tag]New Jersey[/tag]-based smart-home installer Crestron began offering an [tag]Internet[/tag] option on its home [tag]touch-screen monitor[/tag]s.

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