Carriage Homes Come to Pinellas County

While townhomes offer great value, Carriage homes are a great alternative. The Carriage home is similar in style, yet is more of a stacked flat. The whole unit is on one level, which makes it perfect for inactive adults who don’t want to climb up and down stairs continuously. The plan is gaining popularity at a rapid rate due to its openness and large room sizes. Many also enjoy the extra privacy since their neighbors lived downstairs or upstairs rather than next door. Pinellas County has a vast amount of Carriage homes for sale in Coachman Reserve off Belcher road. Lansbrook Village in East Lake also has Carriage houses for sale which come complete with a 1 car garage. Many of these homes have a close proximity to Florida beaches and other great local businesses. As you can see there are more choices available than just plain ole condos and townhomes for Pinellas County Real Estate.