Contractors Are From Mars, Owners Are From Venus

Few [tag]remodeler[/tag]s have warm and fuzzy relationships with their [tag]contractor[/tag]s. Indeed, most have horror stories about workers who show up late or not at all, jack up their prices after they start and don’t clean up after themselves. But contractors have gripes, too. According to a survey of 400 contractors undertaken by the Opinion Research Corp. this spring, they positively hate customers who continually ask them to do more than the contract calls fo Natural Swimming Pools: Inspiration For Harmony With Nature (Schiffer Design Book)

The relationship between contractor and home owner is often fraught with conflict, but the survey of contractors and corresponding one of owners who have had work done in their homes, both on behalf of Kimberly-Clark Professional, reveal some rather striking similarities, similarities that indicate the two sides may not see things differently at all.

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