Controlling Your Home From The Comfort Of Your Own Car

Boa 9150T Garage Laser Parking Sensor Unlike, “Laundry Time”, which puts the spin cycle (and other laundry information) on flat panels only in several Atlanta, GA test homes, Lear Corp. is now rolling out its futuristic [tag]garage door remote[/tag], the Car2U System, in a host of 2007 GM models from Buicks to Yukons. The glorified garage door remote option is a three-button, DIP switch-configured, universal transmitter, embedded in your car’s interior to remotely activate, from about 300 feet (100 yards, the length of a football field) not only your car’s portal, but just about anything in your home that you can plug into a [tag]110-volt outlet[/tag].

In fully-equipped cars you can also use a fob to [tag]remotely start your car[/tag], start the [tag]climate control[/tag], roll the windows, activate the entertainment system, and adjust the electric seats. Later, modules for many electricity-power devices in your home will cost $30 to $60 each, but no price has been set for the home automation set up.

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