Cooking Classes Offered in Clearwater this Summer

What do blueberries, almonds, and cauliflower have in common? They are all powerful nutritious foods that should be a part of your nutritious lifestyle. This summer, Nature’s Food Patch in Clearwater is providing free cooking classes to those interested in adding more nutritious foods to their diet. Classes will start on July 11 and will continue throughout September 12. All classes have a theme. On August 8th, the class will discuss good fat and bad fat. Participants will learn to cook a delicious Seeded Nut Chew, Southwestern Healthy Salad, and a blueberry smoothie. Other menu items range from almond raspberry Cookies to tangy cauliflower soup. All classes start at 11am at the Food Patch on Cleveland Street in Clearwater. For a detailed schedule, please visit

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