Corporate Real Estate Services, Hanging By A Thread

The biggest threat to the commercial tenant-rep professional isn’t the broker down the street, nor is it brokers who are part of the industry’s big three houses. I said the biggest threat to the average broker is that they don’t sell a platform. They are hanging by a thread, one that is in immediate danger of being cut. Lower Your Taxes - Big Time! : Wealth-Building, Tax Reduction Secrets from an IRS Insider

Most [tag]commercial real estate brokers[/tag] will tell you that they built their business by building personal relationships–relationships many believe are bulletproof. In an ideal world this is true; in solid relationships, clients would probably never use someone else. But things in this industry are becoming unequal rather quickly. [tag]Real estate[/tag] clients today are looking for more than just [tag]brokerage service[/tag]s. Several of the brokers that attended the conference said their clients are looking to them for lease administration and auditing, strategic planning and even project- or facilities-management services. The dilemma is that most of their firms don’t provide these services.

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