Do-It-Yourself Options for Saving on Your Next Move

[tag]Moving your home[/tag], especially long distance, can cost you a mint if you want [tag]full-service packing and shipping[/tag]. That might be your only option if you have one of the larger McMansions or your apartment is full of antique furnishings that need to be protected. For those who can rough it a little, there are more and more do-it-yourself options out there. Rental trucks allow you to do it all yourself — pack, drive and unpack. Expert Expatriate: Your Guide to Successful Relocation Abroad-Moving, Living, Thriving

If you’re up for [tag]packing[/tag] but not driving, a few services will drop off containers at your home for you to load at your leisure. Then they will drive or ship your [tag]furniture[/tag] to your new home. It costs more than renting but you pay nothing for gas and travel expenses and you get plenty of time to load and unload. The downside: these services aren’t available everywhere and you’ll have to arrange street parking yourself.

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