Dockominium plan rocking the boat

The [tag]real estate boom[/tag] that led to development of prime [tag]waterfront property[/tag] has increased [tag]boat ownership[/tag]. But it’s hurting the [tag]marina[/tag] industry and has prompted many mom and pop marinas to sell out to developers. Just like the [tag]condo conversions[/tag] forcing residents out of apartments, boaters are finding storage space dwindling and many fear it’s transforming a sport accessible to the middle class into one reserved for the wealthy. Boatowner\'s Mechanical and Electrical Manual

Iin a plan that allows boaters to use reciprocal [tag]dockominiums[/tag] at [tag]Sanibel Island[/tag], [tag]Sarasota[/tag], [tag]Tampa[/tag], [tag]New Smyrna Beach[/tag], [tag]Key West[/tag] and [tag]Stuart[/tag], the units can fetch a minimum of $121,500 in addition to $225 in monthly dues. The new club will feature about 680 secure dry and wet spaces, a full-time dockmaster and staff, unlimited boat service, 24-hour security, and amenities often seen at five-star hotels.

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