East Lake Pet Fest

On Saturday, October 24th, bring man’s best friend to the East Lake Library in the www.east-lake-homes.com area of Palm Harbor. The first annual Pet Fest will be underway and we’ll be having a doggone good time. The Friends of the Library are trying to promote pet care, rescue awareness and responsible pet ownership. Bring your leashed pet to the library from 10-2 to join in various activities such as a Doggie Halloween costume contest and a rescue animal dog show. While at Pet Fest children will enjoy their own activities and learn valuable information from such organizations as the Veterinary Organization of Tarpon Springs High School, A House of Rabbit Society, a Rodentologist and a Biology Teacher who will bring pet snakes and answer questions.

The library will be using this event to promote a fundraiser known as the Library’s Pet Celebration Wall. They will be selling Pet Charms to be hung on the library wall. The charms can be used to celebrate a pet’s birthday, adoption, or to honor a pet that has passed on. Come join us at this fun event that the entire family can join in on. Children and adults alike, love to show off their pet friends. Bring yours for a day of fun at the East Lake Library!

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  1. Awesome social event! We have one here in Fort Worth at the dog park and it is always so much fun to see all the dogs and owners. Good way to socialize and learn about dogs and their care!

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