Find Celebrity Real Estate Aerial Views ~ Very Cool

I stumbled on a really cool Celebrity Real Estate website today. Here you can find the homes of the rich and famous and there’s also a miscellaneous page where you can find homes that have been featured on TV shows or movies. I was disappointed that the “Mrs. Doubtfire” house in San Francisco wasn’t being shown. When my wife and I spent a week touring San Fran a few years ago she was determined to find the house. She asked everyone she could where it was and in this “20 and 30 something” town – some of them didn’t even know what she was talking about! Anyway a “50 something” desk clerk at our hotel was the one who directed us to the house. It was a little disappointing ….

Anyway, this is a cool website where you can find Barack Obama’s house – not exactly the little modest house that Eddie Murphy said it was. Well compared to Eddie’s home, anything is modest. Now that I am thinking about it, I think it was Chris Rock that said it. Shucks, I just can’t go back and edit Eddie’s house out of here, it is amazing.

Well, it appears that the White House might be a step down for John McCain? And, you can find Cher’s homes all over the Universe. Like the many hairdos, she has a lot of homes too! Good for her, she deserves it! Oh my gosh, Bill Gates has 25 bathrooms with only 8 bedrooms. What does that tell you?

When I have some time I will find the celebrities that own real estate in Tampa Bay and post back. Or, if you see any, please shoot me a comment!

Tampa Bay Celebrities:

1. Balin, Marty: 12413 Stillwater Terrace Dr. Tampa, Florida 33618 Aerial
lead singer and founder of “Jefferson Airplane”; 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 3,182 sq ft

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  1. That is a sweet site. I like how you can scroll over the celebrities name and a picture of the home is captured without having to click on the link.

    I had a chance to check out McCains former residence this week in AZ (Marketing from the auction firm). All I can say is “sweet.”

  2. Nice site. This has got me curious so I went over the list. This is what I found:

    Allen, Chad: 7326 Brightwater Oaks Dr. Tampa, Florida 33625 4 beds, 2.5 baths, 2,615 sq ft

    Bill Gate’s house is amazing. Well, he won’t be the world’s richest man for nothing, right?

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