Find your dream town, then a job

What Color Is Your Parachute 2006: A Practical Manual for Job-hunters And Career-Changers (What Color Is Your Parachute) It use to be, most [tag]career-minded professionals[/tag] looked for the right job – or any job – and took for granted that they might have to move somewhere less than ideal if their employer asked them to. That’s changing. According to a recent study, two-thirds of Americans ages 25 through 34 say they’re deciding first where they want to put down roots, and then looking for a job in that place.

Why the change? For one thing, women care somewhat more than men do about quality-of-life issues, the study says, and they make up a greater proportion of the [tag]workforce[/tag] now than in previous decades. Meanwhile, advances in [tag]technology[/tag] give knowledge-workers more flexibility in choosing where to live and, with a decline in loyalty to any particular employer, people are more willing to bail on a job if they don’t like where it’s located.

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