Florida No. 1 in new resident gain

For tens of thousands across the country, [tag]Florida[/tag] remains a magnet for those relocating within the United States, according to the [tag]Census Bureau[/tag]. A study released Thursday found that the [tag]Sunshine State[/tag] led the nation in average yearly net gain of new residents from other states between 2000 and 2004. Professional Real Estate Development

During the most recent five-year period, the number of people moving to Florida outnumbered those who left the state by a yearly average of 190,894. In a distant second: Arizona, with an average yearly net gain of 66,344. But people aren’t flocking from elsewhere in the country to [tag]Miami-Dade[/tag] or [tag]Broward[/tag] counties. In a trend that began more than a decade ago, tens of thousands more people leave [tag]Miami-Dade[/tag] for other states than move here each year. Broward has historically had more people coming in than leaving, but the net gain has dwindled from 14,898 in 2000 to 2,384 in 2004. The figures do not include those who move here from abroad, which continues to fuel South Florida’s population growth. Those who do come to the state from other states come for the weather and for jobs, according to Florida demographers.

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