For the amateur investor : flipping property isn’t as easy as it looks

You’ve heard the claim that they make as much money by [tag]flipping[/tag] this one house as you have in the last year. They don’t look or sound any smarter than you are and they’re raking in the cash. You start [tag]crunching numbers[/tag] and, before you know it, you’re thinking about a career change. Before you [tag]quit your day job[/tag], can we talk?

Buying and Selling Your Home: Real Estate DVD

It’s not as easy as it looks on TV. The price run-up of the past few years led thousands of people to reach the same conclusion you have. There is a boatload of competition out there, which means that the obvious deals are gone in a heartbeat. The pros will tell you they make their money on the front end by [tag]buying properties[/tag] for at least 30 percent below market value. Finding those houses takes time and once you find them, you’ll need to move fast.

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