Get Smart on Real Estate

Why do people own property? For most of us, it is a place to call home and perhaps to raise a family. However, others who are fortunate to have spare cash see properties somewhat differently. They may buy for investment to realise capital gains or for the steady source of additional income that comes through rental or leasing. Yet, others may look at [tag]property ownership[/tag] as a short-term investment, by speculating on certain types or areas they believe will quickly appreciate in value over a short period of time.

Land Development Handbook (Handbook)

Have you ever wondered why a real estate agent always chants “Location, Location, Location”? Have you understood what he really means? Is this statement always true, or are there other equally important factors to consider when buying and selling property? We will go into this in detail when we discuss the various aspects that determines a property’s value, or what the industry calls “value determinants”. So get ready … you’re about to enter the dynamic world of real estate.