Hillsborough County Schools Students Get High Grades

Over 250 students in high school in Hillsborough County have GPAs over 6.0. The Hillsborough School System encourages high grades by allowing AP courses and extra classes to students who qualify. In fact two students graduated this 2008 year with 8.0+ GPA. Sherry Chao was at the top of her class at King High School with a 8.68 and Ankit Gandhi had a 8.36.

Pinellas County and Pasco County and many other Florida school districts have grading scales that top out at 5.0. Plus Florida Universities routinely recalculate Hillsborough County’s turbo charged GPAs when taking these students into consideration for enrollment along with the others who have more usual GPAs. Yet, Hillsborough County believes the extra incentive is important and helps student strive to be the very best they can.