Historic Palm Harbor FL

It’s safe to say the Witch’s Brew has caused quite a stir around historic Palm Harbor. Located down Florida Avenue, the picturesque shop offers various sorts of coffees, ice cream and spirits. Yet along with tasty food and refreshing drinks, the shop offers an array of mysterious books, tarot cards, and spiritual décor. In addition, entertainment makes this Palm Harbor parlor a popular place to be on Friday and Saturday nights. Those interested are welcome to play during their open mic nights and local bands are scheduled to play throughout the year. For more information, please visit www.thewitchsbrew.com. Those interested in playing for the open mic night should call 727-483-9210 or email info@thewitchsbrew.com.

You can easily live near downtown Palm Harbor and enjoy some of these fun spots on foot. There’s lots of restaurants, such as the Thirsty Marlin, antique stores, old fashioned barber shops, and other interesting establishments to kill some time in. Downtown Palm Harbor also hosts some fun festivals throughout the year and living nearby makes it easy to join in on the fun. Contact us if you want to view real estate in Palm Harbor.

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