Huge Risks Ignored by Wall Street

Right now, far too many professional [tag]money managers[/tag] — the people running [tag]mutual funds[/tag] and pension plans — are completely ignoring the risks in stocks and bonds. They’re not seeing the reeds … testing the wind … or taking heed of the mudd Inside the House of Money: Top Hedge Fund Traders on Profiting in the Global Markets

Energy prices continue to explode higher. Natural gas surged a whopping 29% in just the last two weeks. Crude oil pushed back up toward $75 a barrel and gasoline tested all-time highs. The largest housing bubble in U.S. history continues to bust. Almost every day, another home builder reports plummeting orders and skyrocketing cancellations … another report shows record high home supply … and another region clocks in with year-over-year price declines. The Fed has a hideous track record. Sure, the 1994 Fed tightening cycle led to a massive stock market rally in 1995 as the economy glided to a soft landing. But much more recently, the “experts” at the Fed helped engineer one of the greatest booms and busts in U.S. financial history — the Nasdaq mania and crash.

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