It’s Not About the Money ~ It’s About Happy Customers

With permission from June, Harvey, and Ginny on their recent purchase in Tarpon Springs:

“Thanks Bob for the home warranty on the property we purchased, that was so very kind of you. What a really lovely thing to do for me; I appreciate your generosity very much particularly in light of this not being much of a commission for you. We know that my little villa was not the sort of property that realtors can make a good living out of but you treated us like we were million dollar customers. Again, thanks so much for all your help & kindnesses along the way. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to purchase such a lovely villa without your interest & devotion. Ginny, Harvey & I felt from the time we met you that you were much more than just a realtor. I’ve been in hospitality most of my life & I know from personal experience that people are very quick to complain but rarely take the time to praise someone. You are really very special!”

June & Harvey from Northern Australia

3 Replies to “It’s Not About the Money ~ It’s About Happy Customers”

  1. It really is all about making the client happy. It all pays off when they get exactly what they were hoping for and then pay it forward by letting the agent know how much it meant to them.

  2. That is my philosophy too. A happy customer is a repeat customer. Its also important to me, since I too am a consumer to have a generally good consumer experience. Thanks for the reminder.

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