June 2010 Home Sales Soar

Single family home sales jumped significantly in June 2010. In the Tampa Bay area 3,226 homes were closed as compared to 2,848 last year in June. In looking at the last eight years in Tampa Bay the lowest point was June 2008 with sales of 2,346 and the high, of course, was June 2005 with sales of 3,751.

Nationally, the US housing market has enjoyed renewed weakness as sales of existing single family homes fell 5.1 percent in June according to the National Assoc. of Realtors when compared to May. But the sales for the year are up 9.8 percent. The month to month drop from May to June is being blamed on the expiration of the tax credits that targeted first time homebuyers.

Condo sales in the Tampa Bay area have surged 36 percent compared to a year ago but the median price fell below $100,000 which is about 13 percent down. Buyers should keep in mind that these numbers for the most part refer to inland condos and not beachfront condos which are considerably more expensive even still.

The are still more great deals for condos on Clearwater Beach but be prepared to spend at least $250,000 and up depending on view, amenities, and condition of condos. For more information, call us at 888 423 5775.