Lansbrook Cares

In tough times, there are some people who are a true inspiration! Charlie Kahrs an 11 year old Lansbrook resident started an annual tradition of giving to Tampa Bay families in need. He must be one great kid! He and those that helped him this year raised more than $15,000 worth of donations, toys, and food. These folks are to be commended.

It all started in 2007 when Charlie decided to help someone less fortunate than himself instead of spending the $120.00 he got from his grandmother for Christmas. And, he didn’t stop there! The following year he asked his friends, schoolmates and neighbors in the Lansbrook communities to join him. The $15,000 that they collected was donated to Palm Harbor’s Metropolitan Ministries who helps hundreds of homeless and at-risk families year round.

Charlie’s group calls themselves “Lansbrook Cares”.

And, for 2009 they have increased their goal to include other North Pinellas neighborhoods and communities throughout the entire Tampa Bay area. Want to get involved? Call Joel Barger at 727-945-7709.

Lansbrook is a great place to live and this proves that Lansbrook Cares!

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  1. Thanks God someone do something for helping the poor homeless people, instead for what we see everyday on the news of Banks and investments people only try to get more bonus and salary for themselves. Good work Charlie.

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