Meet the Splitters

An emerging generation of buyers is splitting off from the traditional snowbird flock and changing the definition of home away from home. Taking advantage of low-cost travel corridors with multiple daily flights, advances in technology, and virtual workspaces, “[tag]splitters[/tag]” choose to split their time between a [tag]primary residence[/tag] and a [tag]second home[/tag]. Some super-splitters split their time among three or more homes. Real Estate Riches: How to Become Rich Using Your Banker\'s Money

“[tag]Snowbirds[/tag] shift residences once or twice a year at the most,” says Jerry M. Ray, senior vice president for corporate communications for The St. Joe Co. in Jacksonville, Fla. “We’re seeing splitters who may go back and forth a couple of times a month.” Ray says St. Joe, [tag]Florida[/tag]’s largest private land developer in residential resort and commercial communities, such as office parks and retail complexes, noticed the splitters trend four years ago. Experts say buyers typically begin engaging in splitter behavior at about age 55 as a transition to [tag]retirement[/tag].

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