My Little Buddy

Well we said we would not do it again but something’s definitely missing in our house.  Thurman, our cocker spaniel, died right around the time the kids grew up and moved out and it doesn’t look like we are going to be getting any grandkids anytime soon.  We’ve always had a dog in the house and once a dog lover, always a dog lover, I guess. 

So, here he is the new Lipply member.  His name is Buddy.  He’s a Cavalier King Charles Tri-Color.  He won’t be home until after Christmas because he’s only 5 weeks old so we have plenty of time to get ready for him. 

In case you don’t know about Cavaliers they are the perfect lap dog.  They only grow to be about 18 lbs. and love to be around you.  They don’t like to be alone for too long and breeders won’t sell them to you if you work all day outside the home.  I’m in and out all day long, but my wife is almost always around because she works from home.  Buddy will get lots of attention and love.  I may even start bringing clients to the house to show him off!

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