Not Quite a Winter Wonderland

If you’re living in Florida, it could be a sunny Christmas. In the Tampa Bay Area we are wearing shorts and sunglasses, while our northern friends are already experiencing freezing temperatures and blizzards. It may not be a white Christmas, but it’s a great time of year to keep the doors open, invite friends and family over and drink eggnog. And if we’re lucky, it may drop down to the high 50’s at night, so we can throw on an artificial log and enjoy the ambiance! But while we may not be able to break out the sled, or build a snowman, there are wonderful things to do around town to get out and enjoy the cooler weather. There are many great holiday events such as boat parades at many of the local marina’s, arts and craft festivals, family holiday gatherings such as the Olde Fashioned Christmas in Dunedin or breakfast with Santa Clause in Safety Harbor. If you want to see snow, but don’t want to have it all season, Clearwater and Seminole have snow shipped in for a snowfield wonderland complete with sledding and snowball fights!

So when you’re not out shopping for the perfect holiday gift and fighting the crowds at one of our many fantastic shopping venue’s, get out and enjoy some of the great outdoor traditions. And watch out for the increase in traffic. Many people are flocking to Florida to avoid shoveling snow. And who can blame them…with temperatures in the 70’s during the day, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. Well down in Austin we got a few flakes of snow but nothing would stick. They are saying that this weekend it should be in the 20’s. Usually we stay in the 50’s or the high 40’s.

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