508 Canal Way Oldsmar, FL 34677 MLS #U7554953

Incredible water views from this beautiful home. Built in 1995. 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 car garage. Prime location with a pond view. Lots of curb appeal. High ceilings, New laminate,carpet and tile flooring. Freshly painted. Enclosed Florida room with ceramic tile floor and split bedrooms, walk-in closets are just a few of the interior features. New Air Conditioning installed in 2009. New roof installed July 2012. Other amenities include an open patio, sprinkler system, and lush landscaping. Gull Aire Village is an active 55+ community. One pet allowed-any size. HOA is only $38.00 per month. Convenient to great shopping and restaurants. Just across the street are AMC Theatres, Beall’s, Marshall’s, Office Depot and the Dollar Store. Also across the street are Ruby Tuesdays, Mongolian BBQ, Eve’s family Restaurant, Panera Bread and Starbucks. Just minutes to Super Wal Mart and Publix. Easy commute to Tampa International Airport. Approximately 20 minutes to two beaches-Honeymoon Island and Caladesi state parks. This is a great opportunity to own great retirement home. Act Fast!!! Won’t Last!!!

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Kyle Gibbons 2012 Graduate of JW Mitchell High School

With plans to attend the University of Florida in the fall, JW Mitchell senior Kyle Gibbons will be finishing up his final year of high school in the coming weeks. Graduation for Mitchell’s Class of 2012 will take place at the Tampa Convention Center on June 2nd.

Kyle GibbonsKyle will graduate Summa Cum Laude & top ten in his class of 359. At Mitchell High School, Kyle has managed to juggle a heavy schedule of AP, dual enrollment and honors classes and maintained a 4.38 GPA. He is a member of the National Honor Society, acting as Sergeant at Arms. He is also a member of Interact Club and Future Business Leaders of America.

Over the past several years, Kyle has volunteered over 250 hours at Morton Plant North Bay Hospital, working as a courier. He has also spent time as a volunteer at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in New Port Richey.

Kyle is the son of Joe & DeeDee Gibbons, who made the move to Florida from Fairfield ,CT when Kyle was starting middle school at Seven Springs. They decided to purchase a home in Trinity, Florida using the quality of the schools as a guide. Joe Gibbons, Realtor with Lipply Real Estate is especially proud. Kyle will join his brother Ian at the University of Florida.

Dunedin Cleans Up Its Act ~ No More Ads on Bus Shelters

The city of Dunedin in Florida is indeed a beautiful city. And it’s pretty clear that Dunedin officials plan to keep it that way. At the expense of the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority however they banned commercial ads on the bus shelters in and around the city starting in May of 2013. Now Dunedin has only 12 shelters, while neighboring Clearwater has 23. Will other cities follow suit? That remains to be seen. But for now, going forward, Dunedin want no more of Clear Channel’s sometimes questionable images clutters up the landscape. Take, for example, the picture on this post. This is NOT a picture of a shelter in Dunedin but it comes from Los Angeles where it was outside of a high school advertising a movie. Pretty poor taste if you ask me!

A little history shows that Clear Channel has paid for the structures and maintained them since 1995 in exchange for advertising space yet PSTA had very little control over the content. The city claims there have been numerous complaints the some of the ads contained certain sterotypes and pictures that could be perceived as family unfriendly or not socially or politically correct.

Regardless, PSTA stands to lose tons of money especially if other cities like Clearwater join in on the ban. Luckily PSTA under a new agreement with Clear Channel will retain ownership of the shelters and will not have to buy them back. They are beginning to explore alternatives to the past agreement with Clear Channel and lean on a combination of federal, state and local funding, grants in which Dunedin officials are willing to partner in if needed.

Susan Latvalla a Pinellas County Commission states that there is too much disparity in and around the city with respect to the shelters. Some areas have them and some don’t. She’d like to see more of them to accommodate bus passengers better but without the questionable advertising to say the least.

Dunedin always has and probably always will have a great desire to maintain the city’s beauty up and down Dunedin neighborhoods as well as major thoroughfares and commercial areas. And if banning ads is what they need to do, it looks like they will.

Good News for Tampa Bay Buyers

Good news for one is sometimes bad news for another. The good news is we (Tampa Bay) is not in the “Top 10 markets for rising list prices”. Of course the good news is really for buyers and people relocating to Tampa Bay and not for sellers unfortunately. Sellers have been waiting patiently for prices to go back up and we believe that will take time but keep in mind that supply and demand always wins.

With the turn of the new year we have seen the market change in terms of buyers buying more than they have in the past few years. Many of our listings are being put to pending contract status within 1 or 2 days of being on the market. Also, the number of new listings coming on the market has decreased over the last 6 to 8 months. Will prices ever start to increase here in Tampa Bay? Our guess is yes but at a slower pace as other areas around the country and this is the good news for buyers. Thinking of relocating to Tampa Bay? Now is the time! Call us at 888-423-5775 or visit our website at www.lipplyrealestate.com

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Prices Increase in the Real Estate Market

Housing is a Major Concern of Voters in 2012 Presidential Election

The 2012 Presidential Election is approaching quickly. Thanks to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), we know what the current concerns of voters are. There are many concerns, from education, to jobs to eco-friendly topics. But, according to the poll, the number one concern of the American voters is homeownership.

Number 1 Voter Concern: Homeownership

Homeownership is at the top of the list of concerns US voters currently have. Voters are seriously concerned with how hard it is to obtain these days. We still put a high value on homeownership, and truly appreciate the mortgage interest deductions. We would like for the federal government to continue their efforts to help those who can qualify for 30-year mortgages that they can afford.

Home ownership is still considered to be the “American Dream” that we all wish to achieve. Helping us with this accomplishment will help to maintain a flourishing middle class economy. It will also help to get our housing market, as well as our economy as a whole, back on the successful track we’re used to.

The Housing Market Ripple Effect

As we have seen from past experience, the housing market can have a ripple effect. This results in a direct effect on the nation’s economy. The housing market stimulates many other industries, including construction, remodeling, even the retail sales of home improvement and decorating goods. The more we spend, the more jobs there are. More jobs not only means a better economy, but it also means more home buyers.

Here are some of the results of the NAHB survey:

    75 percent US voters would like to see more tax incentives for homeowners.
    Two-thirds of the voters want the feds make 30-year fixed-rate mortgages more affordable.
    73 percent of American voters are opposed to getting rid of the mortgage interest tax deduction.
    96 percent of homeowners are more than satisfied with their choice to own vs renting.

Builder Confidence on the Rise Again

Builder confidence began to decrease during the ARMs and other real estate crisis of 2007. According to the poll, this began to change in January, 2012. Builder confidence is currently at its highest levels since the housing crisis began in 2007, for the fourth month in a row.

Now that consumers are showing more interest in home ownership again, builders are preparing for a spike in sales. This means an increase in the demand for new home construction projects. This is sparked by an increase in the sales of single-family homes nationwide. Proof of this can be found in the stats of the Market Index.

Although builders have great reason to begin to feel confident again, there is still some cause for concern. They still worry about potential home buyers being able to qualify for mortgage loans. As of today, the number of applications for mortgage loans have increased for two weeks in a row. This may indicate that buyer confidence is also on the rise, as fears are subsiding in this buyer’s market.

What 2012 Candidates Should Be Concerned With

Now that the 2012 election is getting closer, it only makes sense that candidates would address the issue of home ownership. White House and Congress candidates need to take heed of US voters’ deep need to achieve the American Dream. They need to support legislation that encourages home ownership and oppose policies that make it next to impossible for the middle class. And, more than anything, they need to ensure that mortgage interest rates will not be rising anytime soon.

Looking to buy your first house, your dream house, or scale down for retirement, Lipply Real Estate is well experienced on any front ~ let’s keep the American Dream alive! Give us a call, we are Tampa Realtors here to help. 888-423-5775.

Thinking About Short Sales? Here’s What you Need to Know

In 2012 more home owners across the United States are considering short selling their homes than ever before because, banks like short sales more than foreclosures since it saves them up to 30% on any costs that they may have to spend during a foreclosure. Banks also love short sales because, they can get a home back on the market quickly compared to waiting up to one year to relist a home if it were to go through foreclosure.

A short sale is also better for the home owner because, it leaves less of an impact on the home owner’s credit report and the borrower will be able to buy another home in four years or less, depending on the lender.

Who Qualifies For Short Sale?

In today’s world home owners who are considering the short sale are those individuals who are living in a home with a mortgage that’s underwater or they have recently suffered economic hardship due to a job loss, job transfer, and prolonged deployment in the military or financial hardship due to a medical crisis.
In many cases, banks will also approve a home owner’s strategic short sale, even if they are able to still afford making their monthly mortgage payments but can prove that they owe more on their home than what its worth and continuing to make their monthly mortgage payments is creating a significant financial hardship.

How to Start the Short Sale Process

The first step to starting the short sale process is hiring a real estate agent who specializes in short sales because, a qualified real estate agent will be able to guide the home owner through the process of writing a hardship letter and collecting the documents that their bank requires.
Due to the popularity of short sales, there are many lawyers and companies in Florida and across the United States that charge a fee to help home owners with their short sales, the benefit of working with a real estate agent who is a short sale specialist is that, real estate agents don’t charge the home owner a fee to start the short sales process and they only get paid when the homeowners short sale is approved.

More Banks Approving Short Sales Quickly

Bank of America announced recently that they are now intent on moving short sales forward in as little as 20 days compared to 120 days or longer that most banks are having home owners wait to approve their short sales.
More good news for home owners is that lenders like Chase are also paying home owners to short sell their homes, up to $30,000, so it makes sense for home owners who are considering short selling their homes to start the process now, especially since the short sale income tax credit ends on December 31st 2012 and home owners who are considering short selling their homes after this date could end up having to pay the short fall or balance owed on their mortgage.

Can we answer questions about your potential short sale in Tampa? Let us know if we can help, we have sold many short sales and can help you avoid foreclosure too.

Real Estate Market in Trinity FL

Is the real estate market getting any better in Trinity? Based on these raw figures for 1st Quarter 2010 through 2012, it appears there are signs of improvement. Homes are selling! Take a look…

1st Qtr 2010:
total homes sold: 39
average sold price: $264,226

1st Qtr 2011:
total homes sold: 51
average sold price: $241,962

1st Qtr 2012:
total homes sold: 62
average sold price: $237,994

The figures above tell a positive story for Trinity, Florida. Despite the drop in home prices over the years, homes are selling here. The buyers are out there, they just took their time and waited for prices to drop. The average sales prices in Trinity right now are 10% lower than they were in 2010, making this an attractive time for a buyer to make an offer. If a seller needs to sell due to relocation or other reason, there are certainly buyers out there. In fact, there have been 38% more homes sold so far in 2012 than there were this time in 2010.

Although higher priced homes linger longer on the market, some lower priced homes are selling in under 30 days. But in any market, homes that are priced right will sell. If you are thinking about selling your home in Trinity, give us a call and we can give you more detailed information.

For individual Trinity subdivision information and sales visit our website.

Joe Gibbons is a Professional Real Estate Sales Agent with Lipply Real Estate and has made the Trinity community his home since 2005. As a long term resident, he is knowledgeable about the real estate market in his own neighborhood, as well as the broader Tampa Bay area. Joe also appeared in HGTV’s House Hunters in an episode featuring Trinity that aired in August 2008. Let his expertise guide you as you consider buying or selling a home here.

Call Joe at 727 688 0699 for more info or to discuss selling your home.

Top 3 Pricing Tips to Get a SOLD Sign on Your Property

Whether you have too much house or not enough, when you make the decision to move on, you want to be sure your home sells quickly. You want to meet your relocation goals without delay. In today’s buyer’s housing market, buyers have the upper hand. This is because there is an abundance of Tampa homes available on the market. Make yours a top choice with these three pricing tips to get that sold sign in your front yard right away:

Pitfalls of Overpricing

One of the hardest parts of selling your home is setting the price. As a seller, you have an emotional investment in the walls that have housed your family. The temptation to price the property based on what it has been worth to you can be strong. But, it’s critical that you thoroughly research the current fair market value of your home. You must the urge to price your home too high. If this happens, this is a sure-fire way to tip off buyers that you might be getting desperate. It’s unlikely that you will receive any offers that meet your steep assessment, and the ones you do get are often lower than you might have otherwise seen. Bargain hunters will sense and exploit any perceived weakness.

Making Sure the Price is Right

It’s easy to be discouraged by fair market value when you realize that your property won’t go for the amount you hoped. But, keep in mind that this is no judgment on you. The real estate market is flooded with homes for sale. So, although your don’t want to cheat yourself, your home needs to be priced to sell. The upside to this is when you sell in a buyer’s market, you will also be purchasing your new home in a buyer’s market too. Here, you will realize the savings that offset any loss on the home you just sold.

Educate Yourself

Don’t leave the pricing decision entirely up to your realtor. Take matters into your own hands with and learn how to recognize what the fair market value of your home is. Here are these easy steps to help you with this:

• Spend a few Sunday afternoons visiting Open Houses for properties in your neighborhood that share similarities with the one you’re selling. Get a sense of how those homes are priced, and keep an eye on how long it takes them to sell. This will help to guide you in your own plans.

• Check out the Multiple Listing Service, otherwise known as MLS. Follow homes for sale that resemble yours in location and size. These homes are your competition. They will give you a sense of how you’ll need to price your home in order to attract buyers.

• Talk to several Clearwater agents experienced in your local housing area. Take particular note of comments that are consistent from most or all of them. If they indicate a consensus on approximate value, steps to take to improve curb appeal, and more, you can assume that their valuable expertise is right on the mark.
Price Your Home to Sell

The toughest part of selling your home is setting a price that strikes a balance between what current market conditions will support, and how your personal investment of time and emotion is valued. Do your best to take your emotions out of the equation. Make sure your property is priced fairly, which will ensure you match up to the competition. This will help you sell your home much faster in today’s buyer’s market.

Call us at Lipply Real Estate for a free no obligation cost analysis of your home.