For the amateur investor : flipping property isn’t as easy as it looks

You’ve heard the claim that they make as much money by [tag]flipping[/tag] this one house as you have in the last year. They don’t look or sound any smarter than you are and they’re raking in the cash. You start [tag]crunching numbers[/tag] and, before you know it, you’re thinking about a career change. Before you [tag]quit your day job[/tag], can we talk?

Buying and Selling Your Home: Real Estate DVD

It’s not as easy as it looks on TV. The price run-up of the past few years led thousands of people to reach the same conclusion you have. There is a boatload of competition out there, which means that the obvious deals are gone in a heartbeat. The pros will tell you they make their money on the front end by [tag]buying properties[/tag] for at least 30 percent below market value. Finding those houses takes time and once you find them, you’ll need to move fast. Continue reading “For the amateur investor : flipping property isn’t as easy as it looks”

Newer Construction – Sterling Hill, Spring Hill, FL – 4/3/3


Almost new Spring Hill, FL William Ryan built home with double door entry and large study. Light, bright and neutral throughout. No rear neighbors! Home features many outstanding upgrades including Double Pane Low E insulated windows throughout SAVE $$$ on A/C! Linen Corian Countertops in the kitchen — 42″ multi-level maple cabinets with crown molding and decorator hardware. Side by side refrigerator. Security System.

Smooth top range and microwave. Are you looking for a large kitchen? You have to see these home! These plans feature optional an extended breakfast nook. The master baths feature cultured marble and a garden tub and upgraded tile; and ceramic tile in all wet areas and kitchen. These homes stand out from the rest. Sterling Hill amenities included a gated entrance clubhouse and huge pool, picnic area, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, and nature trails. Florida Magnet School across the street from the outside of the development.

Pros, cons of construction-to-permanent loans

Some of the pros and cons of [tag]construction-to-permanent loan[/tag]s from both the builder’s and the buyer’s perspectives.

For one thing, buyers can obtain such financing much cheaper than builders, which means the house can probably be built for less money. For another, only one closing is involved, so there’s only one set of expensive [tag]settlement cost[/tag]s. Sometimes known as “[tag]single-close[/tag],” “[tag]one-time close[/tag]” or even “[tag]all-in-one” loans[/tag], C2P mortgages start out as construction loans and then convert automatically to permanent [tag]financing[/tag] when the house is completed. They are not new. In fact, they have been around for years and are the favored form of financing in the [tag]custom home[/tag] market. But with lenders raising the bar ever higher, an increasing number of production [tag]builder[/tag]s are expected to turn to the product. Continue reading “Pros, cons of construction-to-permanent loans”

Remodel Boom Seen Continuing

While the new [tag]construction[/tag] for [tag]single family dwelling[/tag]s may be slowing, [tag]baby boomer[/tag]s and gen-x-ers are at the forefront of the remodeling boom.

[tag]Home improvement[/tag] spending by home owners grew by 4.5 percent last year, with owner-occupants investing $149.5 billion in their homes, Baker reported. Although rising short-term interest rates and slower price appreciation has tempered owner spending, he said, the home improvement market “continues to be a major sector of our economy.” Continue reading “Remodel Boom Seen Continuing”

Bathrooms As Home Offices For Type-A Workaholics

When a bathroom is more than just a bathroom.

Many Type-A [tag]bathroom[/tag]s are showing up in high-end “[tag]smart home[/tag]s,” which feature [tag]computer[/tag] systems that let [tag]homeowner[/tag]s control music, temperature and lights from wall-mounted [tag]touch pad[/tag]s. Now, builders and [tag]interior designer[/tag]s say, more owners also want [tag]toilet-side technology[/tag]. Future Home, a Los Angeles-based entertainment-system installer, says half of its clients request tech gear in the bathroom, up from about 10% five years ago. A year ago, [tag]New Jersey[/tag]-based smart-home installer Crestron began offering an [tag]Internet[/tag] option on its home [tag]touch-screen monitor[/tag]s. Continue reading “Bathrooms As Home Offices For Type-A Workaholics”

Research claims discount brokers don’t affect home selling prices

Discount brokers routinely charge up to 70 percent less than the commission paid to traditional real estate agencies.

New research from Penn State’s Smeal [tag]College of Business[/tag] may lend support to the [tag]Federal Trade Commission[/tag]’s stance that [tag]discount real estate broker[/tag]s do not harm [tag]consumer[/tag]s. The Smeal study finds that [tag]discount brokerage[/tag]s, which often cost several thousand dollars less than traditional [tag]real estate[/tag] agencies, get the same selling price for homes as their [tag]full-service[/tag] counterparts. However, sellers have to be willing to wait about one week longer for their homes to sell. Continue reading “Research claims discount brokers don’t affect home selling prices”

Rising Property Taxes Spark Homeowners To Revolt

[tag]Property tax[/tag]es are one of the oldest forms of [tag]taxation[/tag], and disgruntlement over them doubtless dates from the time they were first imposed. In the U.S., one of the more notable revolts culminated in 1978, when [tag]California[/tag] voters passed the landmark [tag]Proposition 13[/tag].

Across the nation, [tag]American[/tag]s are revolting against [tag]rising property taxes[/tag]. According to the [tag]National Taxpayers Union[/tag], an advocacy group, taxpayers are seeking [tag]property-tax relief[/tag] in 20 states by such means as legislation, public hearings, citizen ballots or lawsuits. In Idaho, where property taxes in fast-growing areas have risen as much as 50% over the past five years,[tag] state legislator[/tag]s are reviewing recommendations to expand [tag]tax break[/tag]s for low-income, disabled, widowed and senior homeowners. Continue reading “Rising Property Taxes Spark Homeowners To Revolt”