Popular States to Visit or Retire To

What would be your first choice of a state to take a dream trip to or one
that you wish you lived in? Maybe you have a state you’re dreaming of retiring to or being a “snowbird” in. Hawaii might be first on your list and many people rave about trips to Alaska.

Florida is a popular vacation spot and a state that many retire to. Arizona is continually growing with snowbirds and transferees. California gets mixed reactions. Some love it, some have no inclination to ever live there. Many can’t afford to leave their state and buy a comparable property in CA.

Chicago gets a lot of relocating residents. Some people move out of the area only to return. Like many major cities, living in the hub of a large city might not be affordable for everyone or even desirable. That’s why many people choose suburbs that offer a quieter living pace and more affordable housing, such as purchasing Oak Lawn real estate. Tinley Park real estate is another popular, affordable commodity that still offers access to downtown Chicago. Orland Park is one of the top 100 U.S. cities to live in according to Money Magazine

Another fast growing area is the Las Vegas, Nevada area for more than just a vacation. Many people are relocating to the area which has caused price increases in an area that was once affordable.  Some people dream of New York but that also gets mixed reactions. Many can’t imagine living in New York City but others rave about New York’s rural beauty.

Wherever you’d like to visit or call home, we can refer you to an agent in any state and even different countries.

3 Replies to “Popular States to Visit or Retire To”

  1. Exactly,

    I recently was working with a client here in North San Diego County and he owns homes in Tampa, in Nevada, Alaska, and California. He was referred to me from his agent in Texas.

  2. We see people all the time retiring to Florida from the Louisville area. Lately the tide has come back the other way, though due to real estate prices.

    I imagine as the inventory levels drop, we will see another southerly migration in your direction!

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