Products to Help You Organize The Stuff in Your Garage

Garage Tamer Deluxe As Americans accumulate more stuff, the demand for [tag]storage products[/tag] has been growing — especially for the garage. Manufacturers sold $1.2 billion of organizational and storage products for the [tag]garage[/tag] in 2004, up 50% from 1999, according to the most-recent data available from the Freedonia Group, a market-research firm in Cleveland. Most homeowners devote at least one car bay to storage, according to a recent survey by the [tag]National Association of Home Builders[/tag].

Ways to organize possessions range from simply hanging up a few items on nails to having a design professional install an entire system that includes storage lockers, shelves and cabinets. Other products attempt to save space by putting items on high shelves or lifts.

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