Relocating to Florida? ~ Check Out this Book!

Long-time Englewood attorney Dean Hanewinckel has released his first book, The Official Snowbird’s Guide to Becoming a Florida Resident. The book is designed to help people moving to Florida protect their money and assets. While we have not read the book, based on what Dean has told us, I think this could be a valuable resource for anyone thinking about moving to the Tampa Bay area.

“Many new residents are losing hundreds to thousands of dollars because they aren’t familiar with our laws and customs,” said Hanewinckel. “In some cases, people are needlessly paying taxes to their former state, while others aren’t taking advantage of our homestead laws. Every state’s laws regarding taxes and property are different. Knowing how we do things in Florida can save a new resident from paying unnecessary costs when buying a home and from construction liens when building one.”

Each year up to 300,000 people move to Florida, and this book aims to make their transition a smooth one. Starting with a step-by-step guide to becoming a Florida resident, the book also covers valuable topics such as the state’s taxes, buying, building and insuring a home in Florida and estate planning in Florida.

“After 24 years of helping clients with these issues,” said Hanewinckel, “it became my mission to collect this information and put it in one easy-to-read book. It’s the most comprehensive resource to becoming a Florida resident on the market.”

Hanewinckel has practiced law in Englewood since 1984, helping clients with their estate planning, real estate and business law needs. The Official Snowbird’s Guide to Becoming a Florida Resident can be purchased through Its companion website,, contains forms and resources that supplement information in the book.

Our team has a lot of knowledge as well on the subject, so in addition to the book, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions and concerns should you be considering a real estate purchase in Tampa Bay.

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  1. It’s cool that snowbirds move into the area since they are the majority in certain areas of FL. I am originally from Ft. Myers. But the thing that stinks is that the younger demographic will suffer down there because of the lack of employment. I’m not to sure about Tampa, probably better than Ft. Myers, but FM is dead right now.

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