Retiring in Florida

Florida has long held the reputation of being the retirees’ paradise and for good reason too. But, sometimes that comes with a negative connotation. With comfortable warm weather year-round, senior-oriented developments, and outlet shopping among many other things, getting older is not such a bad prospect. So, what is the senior drawing power that the Tampa area has to offer?

• Entertainment
If you are looking for some entertainment, all AMC theaters offer a 30 percent discount on all of their ticket prices. However, if a theme park interests you, then Busch Gardens Tampa takes $3 off of their single-day admission tickets as well does Sea World Orlando.

• Meals
Plenty of establishments are intended for all patrons but keep their senior customers in mind as well. Places like the Sweet Tomatoes franchise have a large draw for mid-day soup and salad and offer discounts to senior citizens depending on what time they arrive. If you want to cook your own meal in the comfort of your own home, Florida’s largest supermarket, Publix, offers customers 55 years and older a 5% discount on all purchases on every Wednesday of the month.

• Shopping
In addition to the two large outlet malls in Orlando and the one in Ellington, T.J. Maxx, a national discount retail store, offers a 10 percent discount to seniors 55 and above only in the state of Florida. Bealls, the Florida store, gives its senior customers who are 50 years and above a 20 percent discount on the first Tuesday of every month.

• Other Benefits
Other benefits include driving courses that senior citizens have the ability to take to immediately reduce their Florida insurance rates. But, the most applicable benefit of senior living in Florida and the Tampa area is the abundance of 55+ property, which is offered at a much lower price than otherwise regularly intended real estate. View 55+ Florida property here.

So, while some might loathe the thought of getting older, living in Florida definitely softens the blow! If you want to view some listings of active adult 55+ retirement communities, we have all the listings!

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  1. Wow! The Tampa and central Florida areas really have lots of things to attract seniors to the area. Not only are there beautiful neighborhoods and such, but discounts galore!

  2. It’s always nice to hear about how communities are catering to our aging population (many of which who are our own parents and grandparents). Up here in Minneapolis, we don’t have quite as strong of a retiree demographic, but there are serveral establishments that also offer similar discounts. Nice post!

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