Rising Property Taxes Spark Homeowners To Revolt

[tag]Property tax[/tag]es are one of the oldest forms of [tag]taxation[/tag], and disgruntlement over them doubtless dates from the time they were first imposed. In the U.S., one of the more notable revolts culminated in 1978, when [tag]California[/tag] voters passed the landmark [tag]Proposition 13[/tag].

Across the nation, [tag]American[/tag]s are revolting against [tag]rising property taxes[/tag]. According to the [tag]National Taxpayers Union[/tag], an advocacy group, taxpayers are seeking [tag]property-tax relief[/tag] in 20 states by such means as legislation, public hearings, citizen ballots or lawsuits. In Idaho, where property taxes in fast-growing areas have risen as much as 50% over the past five years,[tag] state legislator[/tag]s are reviewing recommendations to expand [tag]tax break[/tag]s for low-income, disabled, widowed and senior homeowners.

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