Rules of real estate change with the marketplace.

Mortgages For Dummies, 2nd Edition

As the spring selling season begins, the cooling [tag]housing market[/tag] is affecting the conventional wisdom that guided buyers and sellers during the housing boom. The number of homes for sale has climbed about 30 percent over a 12-month period, reaching its highest level in nearly 10 years, according to the [tag]National Association of Realtors[/tag].

Say goodbye to the days when sellers could simply look at what their neighbor’s house sold for and then list theirs for 10 percent more. Overpriced homes may never even catch the eye of their intended audience. That’s because [tag]buyer[/tag]s and [tag]broker[/tag]s increasingly rely on computers to screen listings based on price, size and other parameters when new properties come to market.

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