Save money when building, renovating real estate

If you are thinking about [tag]building[/tag] a house or [tag]renovating[/tag] your current home, first read “Be Your Own House Contractor, Fifth Edition” by longtime home builder Carl Heldmann. This very valuable new book explains, according to the author, how to shave at least 25 percent off [tag]construction costs[/tag] of a new house. More important, it goes into great detail of what is involved with being your own home contractor. Having been involved with renovating many houses and always hiring a [tag]remodeling contractor[/tag], I closely related to Heldmann’s explanations of how to build a new house to save money or renovate an existing house without hiring a general contractor. Basic Home Remodeling: Home Improvement DVD

A unique aspect of this new book is Heldmann refers readers to his Web site for additional resources to make the home construction process almost simple. He compares today’s procedures with those available 35 years ago when he built his first house and then built many more. “You won’t believe how easy it is to save money and get the house you want,” Heldmann says. An especially enjoyable advantage of this book is the author simplifies the home construction process into bite-size pieces that any reader can understand. He doesn’t go into great detail, but just enough for the reader to know if becoming a do-it-yourself contractor is right.

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