School impact fee rises sharply

The Mortgage Originator Success Kit : The Quick Way to a Six-Figure Income [tag]Hillsborough commissioners[/tag] vote to raise the rate from $196 to $4,000. But they did so with reservations.

After months of debate with school officials, the commission grudgingly agreed to higher [tag]impact fees[/tag] to help a district choked by [tag]enrollment growth[/tag]. The increase, to be phased in over the next two years, promised to ease a crippling shortfall of school construction money.

Commissioners Kathy Castor, Mark Sharpe, Tom Scott and Ken Hagan supported the measure, which must be formalized by an ordinance to take effect. After the vote, Elia ruled out asking this fall for a half-cent sales tax increase, saying the district needs to exhaust all options before further burdening taxpayers. “It would be foolish to have a double impact on the community in the same year,” School Board vice chairman Jack Lamb agreed. “We don’t think that would be fair.” Lamb said a sales tax increase remains an option for the future.

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