Seven Tips for Making a Home Buying Decision You Won’t Regret

Home Buying for Dummies

If you’re a first time home shopper, you’re probably feeling a bit of confusion. But don’t worry, While buying that Tudor, ranch, or brownstone is a bit more complex than buying say, a latte, it is doable. Just gather your thoughts, turn on your reading lamp, and take some advice from real estate and financial gurus Eric Tyson and Ray Brown.

Co-authors of Home Buying for Dummies, 3rd Edition (Wiley, January 2006, ISBN: 0471768472)-the newest version of America’s number-one best-selling home buying book-Tyson and Brown insist that although the idea of purchasing a home for inexperienced buyers can appear daunting, it can be done painlessly if you follow the Boy Scout mott Be prepared.”When people have bad experiences buying a home it usually isn’t due to lack of intelligence or good intentions,” asserts Tyson, who has decades of experience in dealing with real estate. “Rather it is a result of not knowing the right questions to ask and the proper steps to take. That’s why we have provided the essential tools for anyone ready to leave leases and landlords behind or trade up.”

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