Single Girl Power Growing Influence in Real Estate

Ladies, take note, you’ve begun taking a larger role in the area of [tag]homeownership[/tag] over the last few years, according to a new study from the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. “Not only are [tag]unmarried women[/tag] a large segment of the home buying population,” says Rachel Bogardus Drew, the author of the report, “but they are fast-growing, too, increasing their share of [tag]home buyers[/tag] by 50 percent in eight years. The value of their home purchases over a 3-plus year period totaled more than $550 billion … .” Not Necessarily Single: One Woman\'s Struggle with Being the Last Single Friend.

“Two out of three female buyers were previously married, though that share drops significantly for younger buyers,” Ms. Drew points out. “They also have lower incomes than unmarried men and married home buyers, but are less apt to finance their home purchase.” Still, the overwhelming buying segment is made up of married couples at 63 percent, but now unmarried women are the second highest buying group (at least when looking at marital status) at 20 percent in the last three years. Unmarried men make up 17 percent of the buying pool. The demographics paint an admirable picture of the group, being older than their unmarried male counterparts, and facing many obstacles, demonstrating their determination to get in the real estate ownership circle. They also have lower incomes and many of them are buying with children in tow (30 percent).

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