Solar Panel Stations Come to East Lake

Have you seen those funny looking panels up and down some of the roads in northern Pinellas County? Many people here in East Lake have been wondering what the heck they are. Don’t worry it’s not big brother or big sister for that matter. Finally, there was something in the newspaper about them and now we can all relax!

Officials in Pinellas County have conjured a way to save its residents from the anger and frustration that accompanies traffic congestion. Solar Panel stations have been set up over the past few months down Trinity Boulevard to Drew Street and along Mc Mullen Booth road and East Lake Road. These stations have the ability to count vehicles and measure traffic conditions. It is estimated that Bay area drivers waste 40 million gallons of gas annually from traffic congestion. Solar paneled stations will save the Pinellas commuter time and money by regulating traffic flow based on current traffic trends and conditions. Pinellas hopes to eventually expand this low cost, environmental friendly technology to other parts of the county such as Belcher and Klosterman road.

This is a great improvement already for those of us who live on East Lake Road. A big thank you goes out to Pinellas County!

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