Student real-estate agents cashing in on local market

Michael Havens is trying to sell a $589,000 house in northeast [tag]Tallahassee[/tag]. It’s not a gimmick. He’s not hustling homes on [tag]eBay[/tag]. Havens, 21, is a full-time [tag]FSU[/tag] student and an agent for [tag]Volare Real Estate[/tag]. Havens wanted to get his real-world experience now while the market is good. Florida is a hot bed of real-estate activity.

DVD Success Series: Real Estate Investor\'s College

Dean Gatzloff, a department chairman in [tag]Florida State University[/tag]’s [tag]College of Business[/tag], said over the next 25 years, Florida’s population is projected to increase by about 12 million. The historically low interest rates are major contributors to the growing interest in real estate by consumers, investors, developers and students. Before 2001, the college averaged about 120 real-estate students. Now it has 420. Though there isn’t a real-estate program at [tag]Florida A&M University[/tag], Booker Warren, professional-development coordinator in the [tag]School of Business and Industry[/tag], said students have shown an interest in real estate. The once-dormant Real Estate Club of FAMU resurfaced last semester.

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