“Tag”, I’m It Too

Donna and BobHi everyone, this is Donna posting, Bob’s wife. Ryan Ward, my favorite Atlanta Realtor tagged me from his blog so my it’s my turn to tag him and then tag 7 other people. But before I do that I need to tell you 7 things about myself. Not sure anyone really cares about me, it’s usually “All About Bob”, but here goes anyhow:

1. I grew up in Buffalo, NY and absolutely hated the cold weather. Moved to Florida when I was 21 and still love it after all these years.

2. I went to college (for the first time) at the ripe old age of 38. Graduated with a 4.0 from the University of South Florida in Management Information Services. I’m not “smart” really, just work very hard.

3. Bob’s a lucky guy to have me. Just look at how many websites he has. 🙂

4. I’m lucky to have Bob too. I was a single parent with 2 young kids (one in diapers) when we met. I wouldn’t have married me!

5. We work a lot but in our free time we like to take the boat out, fish, play with our new puppy (he’s my baby), and spend time with friends and family.

6. I go to “Boot Camp for Women” everyday (M-F) and have been doing this for 4 months. I can run a mile in 8 minutes and my skinny legs have some definition now.

7. My dream is to someday build our vacation home on our lakefront lot in Tennessee. There’s really nothing else that I want ~ except for good health to all of those I love.

Well, there’s 7 things about me. Now I am calling out to 7 of my REW friends so that they can tag me back and tell us all 7 things about themselves. There’s Joe Lane, Annie Maloney, Eric Bramlett, Wayne Long, Judy Orr, Eric Blackwell, and Jennifer Mackay.