Spray Park in Dunedin

Those looking for a way to enjoy the sun while in a cool and refreshing atmosphere can head towards Dunedin’s new Spray Park. Guests are greeted by a giant Loch Ness monster that sprays water in all directions and the fun starts there! Heaps of water are squirted from fountains, dumped from overhead buckets, and shot out of toy cannons. There’s also an array of interactive features such as a 3,000 foot splash pad which provides plenty of room for youngsters to blow off some steam. The colorful park is welcoming towards kids however there is a shaded area with plenty of room for parents to relax as well. Picnic tables outside the splash area also provide a great place for small get-togethers or family picnics. The area, located on Highlander Park off Michigan Boulevard is open 9 am to sundown. The park is free of charge, however towels are not provided. For more information, call (727) 812-4530.

This is an awesome way to enjoy Dunedin with your kids. Dunedin real estate is booming right now. It has quickly become the most popular area for retirees and singles and now with the addition of Dunedin Spray Park it is very appealing to family with small children.