All The Fishing You Can Stand is Here in Florida!

With tens of thousands of miles of shoreline and over 7500 lakes, there are countless areas to fish in the Sunshine State of Florida. And even if you’re a beginner, you’ll hardly ever come home empty handed.

Whether you’ll be fishing on the west coast in the Gulf of Mexico or the east coast in the Atlantic Ocean, the opportunities are endless. There are hundreds of varieties of fish from tarpon, to grouper, to snapper, to shark – so you’ll never get bored.

Even if you are just a beginner and don’t have a boat or any fishing equipment, you can still enjoy the pleasures of fishing. The state of Florida offers more private charter boats with skilled and experienced captains than any other state. You can search locally for help regarding fishing opportunities that best fit your needs. In addition to our quality charter fishing system, the Sunshine State is also home to a number of independently owned bait and tackle shops that provide gear and supplies along with important information. Local fishing shops are the best source for reliable information, including where specific types of fish are and what bait is best for catching them. So, come try it for yourself and experience first hand how fun Florida fishing really is!

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