Villa in Tarpon Springs Pointe Alexis SOLD by Nick Acosta

Janet and Ted from Spencer, MA bought a Villa in Tarpon Springs Pointe Alexis and have this to say about Nick Acosta:

“My husband and I worked with Nick Acosta to purchase a vacation home in Florida. Nick was wonderful throughout the entire process. He worked with us long distance to identify possible properties, arranged showings for us when we came came down to view properties, and advised us in finding just the perfect home for us. He handled all of the process for us: the inspections, negotiating with the seller to correct all the inspection issues, representing us at the closing, and he even arranged to have the locks changed for us. Throughout the process, Nick showed the highest level of professionalism. We were impressed with his extensive knowledge of the real estate market and buying process, and he was a joy to work with. We could not ask for a better agent to meet our needs and serve our interests.”

Great job Nick!

Retiring in Florida

Florida has long held the reputation of being the retirees’ paradise and for good reason too. But, sometimes that comes with a negative connotation. With comfortable warm weather year-round, senior-oriented developments, and outlet shopping among many other things, getting older is not such a bad prospect. So, what is the senior drawing power that the Tampa area has to offer?

• Entertainment
If you are looking for some entertainment, all AMC theaters offer a 30 percent discount on all of their ticket prices. However, if a theme park interests you, then Busch Gardens Tampa takes $3 off of their single-day admission tickets as well does Sea World Orlando.

• Meals
Plenty of establishments are intended for all patrons but keep their senior customers in mind as well. Places like the Sweet Tomatoes franchise have a large draw for mid-day soup and salad and offer discounts to senior citizens depending on what time they arrive. If you want to cook your own meal in the comfort of your own home, Florida’s largest supermarket, Publix, offers customers 55 years and older a 5% discount on all purchases on every Wednesday of the month.

• Shopping
In addition to the two large outlet malls in Orlando and the one in Ellington, T.J. Maxx, a national discount retail store, offers a 10 percent discount to seniors 55 and above only in the state of Florida. Bealls, the Florida store, gives its senior customers who are 50 years and above a 20 percent discount on the first Tuesday of every month.

• Other Benefits
Other benefits include driving courses that senior citizens have the ability to take to immediately reduce their Florida insurance rates. But, the most applicable benefit of senior living in Florida and the Tampa area is the abundance of 55+ property, which is offered at a much lower price than otherwise regularly intended real estate. View 55+ Florida property here.

So, while some might loathe the thought of getting older, living in Florida definitely softens the blow! If you want to view some listings of active adult 55+ retirement communities, we have all the listings!

All The Fishing You Can Stand is Here in Florida!

With tens of thousands of miles of shoreline and over 7500 lakes, there are countless areas to fish in the Sunshine State of Florida. And even if you’re a beginner, you’ll hardly ever come home empty handed.

Whether you’ll be fishing on the west coast in the Gulf of Mexico or the east coast in the Atlantic Ocean, the opportunities are endless. There are hundreds of varieties of fish from tarpon, to grouper, to snapper, to shark – so you’ll never get bored.

Even if you are just a beginner and don’t have a boat or any fishing equipment, you can still enjoy the pleasures of fishing. The state of Florida offers more private charter boats with skilled and experienced captains than any other state. You can search locally for help regarding fishing opportunities that best fit your needs. In addition to our quality charter fishing system, the Sunshine State is also home to a number of independently owned bait and tackle shops that provide gear and supplies along with important information. Local fishing shops are the best source for reliable information, including where specific types of fish are and what bait is best for catching them. So, come try it for yourself and experience first hand how fun Florida fishing really is!

Think about how great it would be to own waterfront property in Tampa Bay – you may be surprised how affordable this property has become here in our area. Call or email us for an update on waterfront prices in the area.

The Color Turquoise ~ Use It in 2010

Think tropical beaches, rich hues of the ocean and palm trees lining sand. Many vivid colors come to mind. This year Pantone has unveiled their color for 2010 and it’s Turquoise. This rich blue and green color goes perfect in Florida. It’s a perfect mix of the cool blue sky and gorgeous ocean. Florida is known for its tropical colors and this inviting hue is rich, tranquil and inviting. It would look good as a color for both men and women which both find appealing. Sometimes a color is too feminine and men shy away from using it. But not Turquoise. It fits both equally. Many top designers have seen this trend coming. Bridesmaid dresses, elegant attire and even top jewelry company Tiffany all use turquoise as a staple in their lines.

When you think of fashion it’s a great statement. For clothing, shoes, purses or jewelry it makes the item pop. One of the top fashion trends in recent years has been the reoccurrence of turquoise jewelry. Big chunky necklaces paired with a black top, make the turquoise set off the look. And don’t forget about paint. Turn a boring bathroom into a tropical paradise with turquoise paint, paired with some sea shells in a bowl, and you have an oasis in your home. Or take a dull bedroom, paint the walls a neutral tone, and then purchase a turquoise bedspread and watch your room come to life. Painting in a neutral tone and using colored accents makes it easy to change if you bore of a color. Another recent trend is to pair turquoise and brown. This combination brings together those natural colors that remind you of nature. You can use this pair for fashion, decorating or even outdoor paint.

So when looking to make a change to your home, wardrobe or just a new accessory don’t forget about this soothing rich color. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy using turquoise in everyday aspects of your life.

So if tropical turquoise beaches are on your list for 2010, we have ’em! Contact us about the opportunities available here for Florida Real Estate. And more specfically, the wonder beaches in Dunedin have been particularly popular with beach goers due to the blue turquoise waters and the white sugar sand!

Florida is a Happy Place

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey of more 1.3 million people across the United States over the past four years regarding their happiness level of their lifestyle and where they live. FLORIDA ranked #3 in the study with Louisiana and Hawaii in the #1 and #2 position respectively. Well, of course the study started before Katrina hit Louisiana so that answers that and there’s no question about Hawaii in many people’s minds. Having been to Hawaii I can understand how retires could be happy there, but I am still trying to figure out how young singles are content and happy with high cost of living and small islands. Regardless sunny, warm, outdoorsy living is where people report happiness. Being able to go outside and enjoy simple things like taking the dog for a walk, sipping your morning coffee on the pool deck, and watching the sun set are all things that we Floridians sometimes take for granted.

The least “happy” states are Michigan, Connecticut and New York. Of course, with the harsh winters and gray skies, who can blame them. While they are digging out from a blizzard, we are playing golf or tennis here in Florida.

Move to Florida and put on your happy face!

Not Quite a Winter Wonderland

If you’re living in Florida, it could be a sunny Christmas. In the Tampa Bay Area we are wearing shorts and sunglasses, while our northern friends are already experiencing freezing temperatures and blizzards. It may not be a white Christmas, but it’s a great time of year to keep the doors open, invite friends and family over and drink eggnog. And if we’re lucky, it may drop down to the high 50’s at night, so we can throw on an artificial log and enjoy the ambiance! But while we may not be able to break out the sled, or build a snowman, there are wonderful things to do around town to get out and enjoy the cooler weather. There are many great holiday events such as boat parades at many of the local marina’s, arts and craft festivals, family holiday gatherings such as the Olde Fashioned Christmas in Dunedin or breakfast with Santa Clause in Safety Harbor. If you want to see snow, but don’t want to have it all season, Clearwater and Seminole have snow shipped in for a snowfield wonderland complete with sledding and snowball fights!

So when you’re not out shopping for the perfect holiday gift and fighting the crowds at one of our many fantastic shopping venue’s, get out and enjoy some of the great outdoor traditions. And watch out for the increase in traffic. Many people are flocking to Florida to avoid shoveling snow. And who can blame them…with temperatures in the 70’s during the day, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

South Tampa area of Tampa homes for sale

Located north of MacDill Air Force Base and south of Raymond James Stadium, South Tampa is an exclusive community of various constructions, established and new, with an originality all its own. Large architecturally designed homes and smaller charming residences both fit the definition of South Tampa’s uniqueness. This trendy area with its brick paved roadways will never leave you without something to do. Located within South Tampa is Hyde Park, an upscale shopping district with storefronts, restaurants and entertainment all in one quaint area. Here you can dine on patios and enjoy the fabulous Florida weather year round. If you are not looking for a house, condominiums are available as well in the South Tampa area. In South Tampa you will never be far from some of Tampa’s best restaurants and local area attractions. If a trendy lifestyle is what you seek, South Tampa just may be the community for you!

South Tampa Subdivisions, Neighborhoods, Communities, Condos
and Townhomes

Audubon Villas Azeele Park Barcelona City Homes Bayview
Belfair Park Chelsea Place Clair Mel Corina Place
Golf View Park Gray Gables Howard Terrace
Madison at SOHO Marine Manor Maryland Manor Moody City Homes
New Suburb Beautiful Palma Ceia Parkland Estates Seward Place
Southern Pines Southland St. Andrews Park The Poydras
Urban Townhomes Virginia Park

Florida First Time Homebuyer $8000 Tax Credit

As of July 1, 2009, Florida has created a program to help first-time homebuyers get their federal tax credit early, allowing them to use up to $8,000 toward a down payment. The effective date for the program is July 1; however, it will probably be another few weeks before the funds are available. This is an exciting addition to the already popular tax credit. We see this as a way to help more and more first time homebuyers get into a home and stop paying rent.

While most first-time homebuyers qualify for the tax credit (given by the government as an income tax rebate regardless of tax owed), they once had to buy a home first, submit the info to the IRS through their tax return, and wait for the $8,000 rebate. To help these buyers get the money early enough to use it as a down payment, the State of Florida created a program of bridge loans, the Florida Homebuyer Opportunity Program (FLHOP), where money can be borrowed from the state and then paid back after the new homeowner receives his tax credit.

Florida’s local housing administrators will oversee the down payment funds at the local level. (To find the administrator in your area, go to:

For specific questions about the $8,000 tax credit, homebuyers should consult a tax professional. Resources for understanding the tax credit and bridge loans: FAR’s Homebuyer Center:

If you are a first time homebuyer in Florida and would like to purchase Tampa Bay Real Estate, we are here to help you!

SOLD! Key Vista 55+ Florida Home ~ Just 12 Days!

Michael Madson with Lipply Real Estate just closed on another one of his listings! This time his 55+ home in the adult community of Key Vista in Holiday, FL sold in JUST 12 DAYS at 94% of its asking price. That’s right! This cute home was priced at $170,000 and closed on 10/7/2008 for $160,000. Key Vista is an exciting place to live, with tons of amenities: huge pool, clubhouse, tennis, media room, fitness, and more…. View the video below and see the community.

If you are looking for a Tampa Bay retirement home but consider yourself to be YOUNG and want to be around families, Key Vista is a great place to live. This particular phase of Key Vista is toward the back of the community, yet not far from the $1,000,000+ clubhouse and pool. Its far enough way in a gated community where you can enjoy your quiet time and privacy but close enough for you to socialize with others with the many activities and amenities Key Vista offers when you want too.

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Oh No the Beach is Closing!

This is the body of an email we got today:



    WHAT IS GOING ON……??????

First I checked to see if they were a past customer or an Internet lead of ours and I can’t find that they are. It’s funny how people find our website for odd things and think we are the expert on these matters. I could tell tons of funny stories here, but I will save that for another post.

Oh well, I do know something about this beach closing, hence the reason for this blog post. Here goes:

Fred Howard Park – Tarpon Springs best beach is closing for 15 months. Apparently the bridges are 40 years old and are in need of repair. So the beach and the causeway will close starting September 2, 2008. No one is happy about it. After all, this is the best beach in the area and it’s free. There’s no entrance charge and no parking charges. It’s easy to get in and out of and surprisingly, it doesn’t get over-crowded to the point where you can’t get a parking space. Many people who have bought homes in Tarpon Springs or live nearby frequent this beach everyday.

The bridges were built in 1968 and while they look fine to most people, I am in favor of safe bridges. Good grief, 2.1 million people travel on them each year by car, bike and foot. Many people hang out and fish on the bridges, and I am sure that no one wants to end up in the water.

$4.8 million have been allocated for the reconstruction, and the beach and the causeway will be off limits until sometime in 2009. But once it’s open, they tell us it will be open for another 40 years.

The park portion of the total 155 acres will remain open including all picnic shelters and playgrounds. How about a good old fashioned picnic?