Trinity FL Has Great Schools

Last week the Florida public schools held their FCAT exams and happily finished with that task for another year. Over the summer, the results will be published and the schools will be graded accordingly. For those who are starting a home search and thinking about school selection, the community of Trinity in Pasco County may be on your list. Trinity is in the southwest region of Pasco county, just north of Pinellas County.

Pasco County as a whole is growing steadily, and it’s also improving steadily in terms of school progress. Last year, Pasco County received the top ranking of an A overall, with a graduation rate above the state average. Over 72% of Pasco’s schools received an excellent grade of an A or a B. New schools continue to spring up each year in Pasco, and teachers and administrators are rising to the task to create quality schools here.

One example of Pasco’s progress is the community of Trinity. The two public elementary schools here are Trinity Elementary and Trinity Oaks Elementary, both A rated schools. The middle school that these two elementrary schools feed into is called Seven Springs Middle School, also an A rated school. JW Mitchell High School, a B rated school, sits adjacent to the middle school and missed getting the A rating in 2008 by just a few points. In addition to student scores, 95% of students in the school must take the FCAT test in order for the school to receive the coveted A rating.

Trinity has several great private schools to choose from as well. These schools are not required to administer the FCAT test and so do not have a school rating. Genesis School in nearby New Port Richey offers something for those as young as 2 years old and goes all the way up to 5th grade. Genesis is commited to developing the unique qualities present in each child. It’s sister school, Genesis Preparatory School, continues with 6th grade up to 12th grade and is a member of the Schiller International Schools. Another school with a flexible learning environment is Solid Rock Community School. Unlike traditional schools, Solid Rock doesn’t use grade levels to group students. Instead, the school takes a customized approach for each student, and encourages childrn to learn at their own pace. Solid Rock offers a curriculum for first through 12th grade.

So if you haven’t considered looking for a home in Trinity, you should add it to your list. Trinity is just one of the great communities in Pasco county that offers affordable homes, family neighborhoods and great schools. Trinity Real Estate has increased in popularity over the years but remains one of the best values in the Tampa Bay area.

New Port Richey welcomes Joe Biden at Sims Park Rally

Sims Park in New Port Richey was buzzing with excitement Monday night! Senator Joe Biden joined the list of candidates who have visited this park in Pasco County for an election rally. George W. Bush spoke here as well, during his election campaign in 2004. And before that, Vice President Dan Quayle held a rally here in 1992. Biden visited New Port Richey October 27th, as the first stop on his 3-day “Early Voting for Change” campaign. Rumor has it that Sarah Palin will be there tomorrow speaking. The democratic vice presidential nominee asked the crowd to take the opportunity to use the early voting that Florida offers. Several public libraries and county offices are open across the state for early voting, and lots of folks are lining up to take advantage of it.

Sims Park is on the corner of Grand Blvd. and Bank Streets, in the center of New Port Richey’s charming downtown facing the waterfront. New Port Richey is a small city on the Pithlachascottee River, just north of Pinellas County. The historic downtown, with shops & restaurants to browse through, is home to the Richey Suncoast Theater. Topped with a golden dome, the theater dates back to 1926, when it opened with a silent film. It is now used for community theater. New Port Richey has many small affordable homes, as well as some larger older homes along the river. Surrounding areas include Trinity, with many newer homes and subdivisions. Looking for New Port Richey real estate offers many options. And maybe a chance to catch an event at Sims Park!

House Hunters HGTV Real Estate Show Spotlights Trinity FL

We finally have a date for the showing of our HGTV House Hunters episode featuring the McCollum family and Joe Gibbons with the Lipply Team. Filmed entirely in Fox Wood of Trinity, this show really highlights Pasco’s County newest upscale community.


August 14, 2008 at 10:00 PM ~ HGTV Cable Channel

Trinity Florida is a great place to live and Marcus and Ivis McCollum along with their two young sons agree. In fact, when they decided to sell their home in Fox Wood they told Joe Gibbons, their Realtor, that they didn’t want to move out of the neighborhood, let alone the area of Trinity.

Joe Gibbons put their home on the market and it sold quickly. They really didn’t have a lot of time to find their new house so Ivis and Marcus hit the Trinity Florida website and Joe Gibbons searched the MLS. Together they narrowed down the choices and found the perfect home. It was a little stressful finding the home on a tight timeline, but they did it.

Around the same time, we received an email from House Hunters looking for an show to do in the Tampa Bay area. House Hunters is a little picky and they only want to do fun shows with interesting people, so the McCullom family had to a short video to be selected. I never got to see the video they submitted but knowing what I know now, I am sure the McCollum’s impressed them.

It was a great experience overall for everyone involved. The producer and the filming crew were great to work with and kept everything on schedule. It was very interesting to watch them work. While there was a plan for each segment, the producer never told anyone what to say. She would ask more thought provoking questions which allowed each person to be themselves and say what came natural. They made an effort to include the kids doing what kids do and we even had two parties that they filmed.

There were a few minor obstacles to overcome. In one of the prospective homes, the owners started packing so there were tons of boxes that needed to be moved out of the camera’s sight. In another home there was a bird out on the patio that wouldn’t stop chirping loudly so Katie, the producer, found a way to include it in the show. Then a loud thunder storm came through and they still needed to film the outside.

Overall, we had a great time and we are looking forward to seeing the episode. Get more info on our House Hunters story: Trinity’s Fox Wood Subdivision Featured on House Hunters.

Here’s some photos of the crew, the homeowners, and one of the homes the buyers were considering:

Looks like Joe is cleaning up the sink here:

Filming Marcus and Ivis about ready to walk into the kitchen:

Ivis and Marcus taking a short break: