Libby Svenson – East Lake’s Newest Author!

All too often we hear of the troubled kids that plague today’s youth. I think we should focus on those that are exceeding our every expectation. Libby Svenson is a 9th grade young woman who lives in the area. And, amazingly she has just published her first book that has sold over 125 copies.

Andromeda’s Turn is a book written in a teenager’s prospective about normal teenage problems. From social issues, boy trouble, a growing and sometimes awkward body, but also about issues such as divorce and remarriage. Andromeda, the book’s lead character, finds a way to work through the issues she faces.

Libby Svenson has a family legacy to live up to. Her great grandfather is famed author Andrew Svenson who wrote books such as The Happy Hollisters, and volumes for the Bobbsey Twins and Hardy Boys series. Libby’s father, Andrew Svenson III, is considering re-releasing the late Andrew Svenson’s The Happy Hollisters so a whole new generation can enjoy them. And, it could return with a twist because Libby is planning to write a “reunion” sequel to the series, bringing the Hollister family back to life and into the present. Before she climbs that mountain, she wants to finish editing and marketing her newest book, a historical fiction story based in Savannah.

Libby Svenson is a unique and motivated girl. Her great-grandfather would be impressed. I know I am.