Tampa Bay Homeowners Want “Green”

Environmentalism has become a business advantage while home building is in a slump. There is a fast growing market for green homes and green homes are becoming synonymous with “buyer beware”.

Building green means incorporating environmental features over and above mandated code standards, it also means: a field that exists largely outside official regulation. Industry standards can vary across different regions in the country.

Agencies like the Florida Green Building Coalition (founded in 2000) set key statewide standards. It is a nonprofit partnership of builders, consultants and academics. Their green home designation covers conditions across eight categories including green features like energy and water efficiency which are well known features, but also lesser known aspects such as site, lot choice and disaster mitigation. And this is where things start getting murky.

Builders may be doing three or four ‘green’ items and they call themselves a green builder, but they have no documentation. Three or four things do not make a house green. The public needs to become more educated on what makes a house ‘green’.

Builders can choose any way they want to score at least 100 points out of 300 maximum on the list offered by the coalition green home designation. Unless they ask, a buyer may never know why a home is green.

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