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website.JPGAnnoucing a new Lipply Real Estate website! Tampa Homes By Area is a simple website designed for those that know the Tampa area by location and are searching for a home in a particular area. For example, if you know you want to live in Carrollwood, you can simply and quickly search for all the available MLS listings in Carrollwood. Go to our quick search feature at the top righthand side of every page of the website and look for Carrollwood. Or if you want to search for particular criteria just click on our MLS page where you can still search by area AND you will be able to choose different values like “gated community” or “pool”.

The websites also lists the subdivisions that are in each area along with a description of what you might expect when you live in any particular area of Tampa. Tampa is very diverse and is made of up many different styles of homes. Finding what appeals to you is hard enough, let alone trying to find the particular area you want. That’s what’s so great about this new webiste. We hope you find it easy to use!

Be sure to check out google street maps on this website. We went with the new google street view maps because this new feature has just been made available in Tampa. It’s really cool and a great thing for homebuyers because they can take a look at the street, the neighborhood and the homes next door and across the street to any home they are considering. How cool is that! Locate a subdivision in the Tampa area that you are interested and take a virtual walk down the street.

It looks like this:

Google Street Maps

2 Replies to “Tampa Homes By Area”

  1. WOW! I had heard that Google was going to implement something like this. Their “Street View” will allow the consumer something that has never been available before. Like you explained above, the ability to look at listings, find one that you like and then look at the street, neighbors homes, the yards, sidewalks, etc. Thats is unbelievable. Not to mention the fact that it will help save fuel. Could very easily eliminate listings that would otherwise have required a visit to determine, thus wasting fuel. Your lucky that Tampa is one of the first areas to run this version of the Google Maps. I can’t wait until it is available in East Tennessee! Nice find, Nice job.

  2. Thanks! I also put google search on this site so that my customers can find all the areas and neighborhoods easily. To my surprise all the listings in the particular neighborhoods show up in the search as well ~ I wasn’t expecting that. Try it google: “Apollo Beach”. This is going to be an awesome tool for Tampa homebuyers.

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