Timely Defect Litigation Guide Book Published

Litigation Support Report Writing: Accounting, Finance, and Economic Issues [tag]Home construction defects[/tag] are more than isolated events and the litigation that’s too often necessary to resolve shoddy construction can take consumers through a gauntlet of weak regulatory redress and builder resistance. The difficulty addressing defects is compounded when poor workmanship is found in the growing number of housing communities governed by a [tag]homeowners association[/tag], which are led by a group of well-meaning volunteer home owners who typically aren’t schooled in either quality building or defect disputes.

The 264-page, nine-part book explains how to identify, investigate and document defects, the importance of right-to-repair laws and alternative dispute resolution, the community manager’s role in the case, and what happens when the process is completed. The book also provides detailed, step-by-step guidance on how to prepare for and resolve construction defect problems, even if the case doesn’t go to court. Sections cover attorney-client privilege, identifying defects, checking statutes of limitations, assembling a defect investigation team, builders right-to-repair laws, pre-litigation steps, alternative dispute resolution, mediation, arbitration, costs, recoverable damages and reconstruction among other points.

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